Why Liquid Lightning?

We bottle and bag the most premium, raw cold-pressed juices & Organic bone broth on the market. Here’s how we stand out from the rest.


All of our products are designed by our in-house Naturopath, to support you in your journey towards optimum health & a healthier, happy life. Each recipe is carefully curated with specific combinations of fresh produce, superfoods and probiotics to optimise the benefits to your body. 

Up to 1.8kg of fresh produce is cold-pressed into every bottle of juice. We have fruit-free juice for those desiring, and our fruit driven juices are carefully designed with blood sugar balancing herbs to optimise your sugar metabolism. 

There's a reason you can't pick up a bottle of Liquid Lightning juice at your local supermarket! The nutritional integrity of our juices is paramount. Those juices you find on the shelves have gone through high pressure processing (HPP) to artificially increase shelf life. This process destroys the nutritious living enzymes and microbes in the juice - drastically reducing the benefit to you.  

Our juices are made-to-order for every customer. So, what you receive is in fact whole fruits and vegetables that were cold-pressed and bottled on the very same day.



In an ever confusing and overwhelming health landscape, power lies in becoming proactive rather than reactive in our health and wellness regimes. This starts with what we put into our bodies. 

Born out of Naturopathic principles, we believe in the power of the body to heal itself, given the right conditions. This means natural healing plant nutrition & ancient medicinal broth. I founded Liquid Lightning to offer a truly trustworthy and unparalleled way to offer this potent nutrition to the community. 

Our method of juicing slowly extracts juice from fresh produce without heat or oxidation therefore retaining all its nutrients. Each juice is quite literally alive and filled to the brim with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

Similarly our Bone Broth is slow simmered, using only the finest Organic Bones, medicinal plants, and herbs to deliver potent, healing nutrition in its most digestible form. Packed with protein, glycine and amino acids to rebuild the body - better than ever.