A note from the founder... 

As a qualified Naturopath & Medical Herbalist and long-time health passionate gal (I was always the one friend harping on about what my friends were eating and what supplement to take when they had a breakout), at 8 years old I did a school project on how I wanted to "help New Zealand to eat healthier", crazy right... the journey to Liquid Lightning followed a somewhat natural evolution for me. 

My love for health & wellness, along with delicious food and drinks, growing up surrounded by and immersed in the business of hospitality and deeply passionate about the art of good service and quality offerings. My mind was blown growing up when there was little to no healthy and current health food options, served fast year after year in Auckland. 

At some point during my Naturopathy degree this frustration boiled over and I created an online juice delivery service in Auckland - some of you may remember 'Imposter Store', it was a huge hit. As my passion, knowledge and experience grew in both hospitality and holistic health so too did my desire to create a unique offering to reflect this. 

Come 2022 Liquid Lightning was born - named after the ski boat my family had when I was a kid, representative of my life long passion for improving health through nutrition and living a life of beauty and joy. 

Liquid Lightning is born out of the principles of nourishment over deprivation. My love language has always been preparing healthy foods & drinks for my friends and family - packing in as many goodies as I could, reciting to myself what each ingredient does for their specific health ailment in my mind as I served it to them. It is the language of my passion and it is a joy to share it with you all.